Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend knitting

John is elk hunting today and he needed an orange beanie so I whipped this hat up. I knit almost the entire thing on Saturday. I only had a few rows to finish it up but my hands were aching so I went to bed and finished it up on Sunday.

pattern: LTK Pumpkin Hat
yarn: Lion Brand
colorway: Orange
needles: US 4 & 6
modifications: I did not knit the green stem on top.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Very Own Shiny Sock Club (MVOSSC) November 2009

I totally stole the yarn and pattern idea from the Yarn Harlot. Nutkin socks and Dream in Color Starry yarn. My colorway is November Muse.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have finally finished the socks I started for myself forever ago. I love them and am so happy to actually have knit a pair for me!

pattern: Yarn Harlot's Basic Sock Pattern
yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight
colorway: Rainforest Jasper
needles: US 2

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Very Own Shiny Sock Club (MVOSSC)

I love the idea of sock clubs. The new yarn and pattern all put together just for you. I have never joined one though because I have very definite ideas about what yarn fibers and colorways and patterns I love. I only knit plain socks. I have knit one pair of ribbed socks for Krull and the rest have all been simply stockinette socks. I adore stockinette socks. While there are a few here and there that catch my fancy, I find most patterned socks unappealing.

In an effort to capture the joy of sock clubs for my self and to broaden my knitting horizons, I have decided to make my very own shiny sock club. Each month (or two or three) I will choose a yarn (either from my stash or somewhere else) and a pattern (or not, some may end up plain) and knit. I am very excited about this! I have already chosen the pattern and yarn for November and will start as soon as the yarn arrives. It is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait for it to appear in my mail box!

Monday, November 09, 2009


I made these curtains for the children's room. They were inspired by The Handkerchief Curtains in Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule. I bought this fabric 6.5 years ago to make a ragged quilt but it never happened. The curtain is a tan flannel and the patches are cotton. I love them and so do the little ones! This is a picture of the little window in their room. There is also a much bigger window that has two of these panels hanging on it.


Horrific little buggers! I have been seeing a few moths here and there the last month in our house but I just thought they were coming in from outside because someone is always leaving the door open. Last week I found a couple of wormy things in a ball of my yarn and went berserk. I looked through everything else I have and never saw anything even remotely suspicious. Still though... I had Toby throw away the infested ball and then I managed to stuff a third of my stash in the freezer. I have been rotating stash through and haven't found any evidence of bugs. I didn't realize I had so much yarn. It is a beautiful thing.