Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knitting as a spiritual practice?

This question came up on a board I frequent. Knitting is very spiritual to me.

My 4yo had to have 2 oral surgeries in the past few months and I was a wreck. I took my knitting with me and knit socks for him while I sat in the waiting room. Each stitch was an expression of my love for him and filled with a prayer. I felt much more calm and like I really was doing something to help him. Not just by actually knitting him a couple of pairs of socks, but by focusing on him and praying for his strength and health and for wisdom for the doctors.

I realized that when I am in a knitting funk it is because I have gotten caught up in knitting to get something finished and I have stopped focusing on the spiritual aspect of it.

One poster mentioned knitting a prayer shawl and that really speaks to me. I really want to knit one now.

So, today I am going to sit down with my knitting and reclaim it as the spiritual process that it is for me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A kitty named Pippa

I want a cat.

Now, this seems so strange to me. I want chickens and sheep and maybe an outside cat for the barn(all on the farm we hope to have someday)but I have always said I would never have an inside animal for sure.

But, I have had this yearning for a few months now. I want a little gray kitten and I would name her Pippa. She would be so cute and cuddly and I would love her so!

It really will not happen though because both John and Jack are allergic to cats but I just had to get it out.

In other news: My children have been exposed to the Chicken Pox. Jack and Christy have been exposed twice before and didn't get it. Toby and Hannah have never been exposed. I guess we will see what happens?

I am off to go do some dishes and make brownies. *YUM!*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knitting Funk

I seem to be in a knitting funk. I have far too many UFO's and nothing is inspiring me at the moment. So, let's list them from oldest to newest(if I can even remember):

LTK Babywearer Poncho: Started Fall 2006

Country Socks for John: Started May 2007

Cardigan for Merry for Hannah: Started Fall? 2007

LTK Picky Pants for Hannah: Started December? 2007

Mittens for Christy: Started December 2007

Mittens for John: Started December 2007

And I need to knit Toby mittens too.

6 UFO's !!! That is so sad!

I really just want to knit something for myself. Everything I knit is for someone else and I am feeling sorry for myself. Pity Party here. LOL!

I have some gorgeous sock yarn for me and I want to cast on but then I feel guilty when I think of all the UFO's and the people they are for. *Sigh*

I need to come up with a plan to knock these pesky UFO's out so I can knit for me and not feel any shame. :)