Sunday, May 20, 2012

A long awaited summer vacation

(Photo by Jack)

This is the last week of school! We are all very excited and ready for a long break. Kindergarten got out a week early and graduation was last Thursday. Our little girl graduated and is so happy to be done. She is also sad that she will not see her friends for a while.

The rest of the kids have school this week. I am still working, just giving end of year assessments and packing up my classroom. We are expecting a sweet babe in the fall and I have decided to stay home for the next few years with the wee one. I am thrilled to be a stay at home mama again, but sad that I will be not be teaching next year. Jack, Christy, and Hannah are going to attend school next year and Toby is going to do a combination of home schooling and participating in a home school program at the school. I am excited for all of us! Lots of changes are on the horizon and I am looking forward to it.