Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Expanding my craftiness

I knit and tole paint but I have always been afraid of sewing. I can do it a little bit, but it intimidates me. When I was pregnant with Toby I sewed several little cloth diapers and they turned out pretty well and I can sew baby blankets but that is it. I have decided to spread my wings and sew.

This book arrived in the mail yesterday:

I have thumbed through it and I am in love! I picked a project and am going to use this fabric that I bought when I was pregnant with Toby. I had planned to make a ragged quilt but that never happened. This fabric has been sitting in my room for 6 years. Time to use it.

I washed the fabric all up yesterday and then just stared at it. In theory the project is fabulous. I was terrified to cut the fabric. I almost gave up before I even started. After I put the children to bed I busted out the chocolate (for courage) and went to work. I didn't cry. About half of it is cut out and I am not afraid to finish today. I cannot wait to have the finished product!

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