Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Poor Nutkins

I tried, really I did. The nutkin sock is just not progressing. Every time I try to work on it I just get frustrated and I want to banish my children to their room. I cannot concentrate on the pattern when I have children constantly talking to me and climbing in my lap and needing me to put the knitting down for a minute to help them with something. I do not want to be frustrated with my little ones. They will only need me so much for a short time.

I adore the yarn so I think I am going to RIP it and them just knit plain stockinette socks with it. I will save more difficult socks for when the children are older. I am ok with this. :)


Diane said...

Good for you! Pretty soon you will be begging for the kids to climb up on your lap and ask you a million questions! I goes so fast. I love you and think you are amazing!

Aurora said...

Ohhh, thanks! I needed that today.