Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekends are for knitting

We are having a delicious rainy weekend around here. This weekend has been exactly what weekends should be. There has been lots of knitting and watching movies and Making. The children and I made soup and flat bread and cake and apple pies. We spent Saturday evening at my sister's house playing cards and laughing ourselves sick. We took the children to a farm to pick pumpkins. We came home with boxes of apples and pears and raspberries as well. Our home is overflowing with simple abundance! I bought some cute little quilted crystal, four ounce glass jam jars that I put tea lights in and placed on our kitchen table. They are sparkly and warm and cozy when lit. They make dinner time just a bit more magical. The children are all painting at the kitchen table right now, creating joy and love. I think I will start another load of laundry, bust out my watercolors, and paint with my babies. I adore weekends!

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