Saturday, February 18, 2012

The way things change, and balancing it all

(photo by Jack)

I have been away for awhile. Life has brought many changes to our household. Last spring, my older children decided they wanted to go to school. This was hard for me to hear, but I have worked so hard to raise children that were confident and strong and ready to make their own decisions. I started looking around at schools and found a fantastic charter school 35 minutes from our home. It is a K-12 school and small. I love the school, and when my littles decided they wanted to try it out too, I let them. I enrolled all four of my children in school and got a job interning in a kindergarten class at the same school. This stay at home mama now works full time and goes to school full time.

It has been a huge adjustment, with many tears all around, but things are going fairly well now. I miss my children horribly, and life seems so much busier now, but I have seen such growth in us all. The older children are adjusting better than the younger, and I expected that. We keep plugging along, and my littles are doing better every day.

There has been no baking, or knitting, or Making of any kind (except at Christmas, what a glorious break!) and we are all feeling the absence of it. Our lives are lacking simplicity, and my struggle now is to find ways to simplify, while living our current situation.

This lovely long weekend will be devoted to Making and reconnecting and getting back to our family roots.

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