Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Muffin Man!

My little Tobias turns six today. My beautiful boy, my muffin man. Tobias is a sensitive soul. He loves to garden and be outside. He loves blocks and can spend hours building things. Toby loves trains and hiking and digging in the dirt. Toby has requested my homemade mac and cheese, and rolls for his birthday dinner.

Yesterday he started feeling sick and fell asleep in my bed late afternoon. I checked on him a few times as he was sleeping and realized he was running a fever. Poor little guy. Our elderberry glycerin is finished so Toby had the honor of being the first to try it out. He loved it and the other children were very excited to see what it tastes like (raisons, in case you were wondering). He slept well and is feeling a lot better today. Still a bit bright eyed and flushed, but better.

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