Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yesterday we started the day with our devotional snuggled in my bed. It was really nice! We memorized the First Article of Faith(our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has 13 Articles of Faith, things we believe.) Then we had breakfast and did some laundry. While I made breakfast Gunnar read to the other kids. We had Gathering Time and learned our entry for the day. I have a book called The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. It is divided into sections and yesterday we were in the Fine Arts section, our entry was a cappella. We are still sick and my throat is killing me so instead of me reading lots to the children they read to themselves, each other, the babies, and me! We also did a review of the last 4 chapters we have studied in SoTW.

After lunch I studied. I read my scriptures and wrote in my common place book(like a journal). I record the passages that stick out to me and the thoughts I have, the inspiration I find. I also read a bit more in As A Man Thinketh.

After dinner John and I watched Dejva Vue-good movie! I then finished As A Man Thinketh and prepared the devotional I gave this morning in my study group. We had a colloquium on As A Man Thinketh. It was very interesting to hear others thoughts and ideas about the same thing I had read.

Hannah is feeling much better and slept rather well.

I managed to knit a few rouunds on my sock but I am not making much progress. I hope to spend more time knitting today.

I can NOT stop thinking about the STR yarn over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I want to order the Puck's Michief, Socktopus, Mustang Sally, Beryl, and Mudslide. *sigh* The Mustang Sally seems pretty bold for me but I love the Winter's Eve pattern over there and want to get it and knit it in the MS. It is funny because last month I was sitting here on the computer looking at yarn and John comes in and said "more yarn?" and I said "Yes, it is a sickness." and he replied, "If it makes you happy it's all good." I love that man!


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