Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dreaming of compost

The last couple of nights I have dreamed of compost. Kinda weird, I know. Because we rent here I wasn't going to compost. We plan on moving next spring and my plan was to build a beautiful compost pile then. I really want to compost now though. I am thinking about vermiculture(worm composting)and I might go ahead and do that now and then have an outside compost pile next year. I have also been thinking of getting one of those tumbling bins to put out in the back. Decisions, decisions. I just know that I need to compost this year. *grin*

I am really excited for our seeds to arrive. We live in zone 5b so it will be awhile before we can plant. Confession here: I have never really liked the look of Square Foot gardens. I don't like the look of the boxes and it just seems so controlled and man made. I LOVE traditional row gardens but we just do not have the space here. I started planning our garden a bit grudgingly this year because I didn't want to use this method. The excitement has taken hold though and I am happy to be able to garden at all. I have fallen in love with my little garden on paper and I think it will be spectacular. I do not want to think it is ugly.

I knit a tiny pair of longies last week and I will post pictures soon. They are just too adorable!

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