Monday, March 10, 2008

Teeny, Tiny Longies

pattern: LTK Picky Pants
size: Preemie
yarn: Patons SWS
colorway: Natural Denim
needles: US 8

Aren't they just so very sweet?

Here is a shot to get the feel of just how little they are:


The sage green longies are ones I finished for Hannah a few weeks ago. She is 20 months old.


Brightonwoman said...

So cute!!
I LOVE that colorway! What pattern do you use? (Is that a garterstitch cuff?) I'm soon to start on my first set of longies but the pattern I'm using is open-ended with several cuff options, and I don't knjow yet what I want to do...

Aurora said...


It is the LTK Picky Pants pattern. It is my favorite! Yes, it is a garter stitch cuff. The Picky Pants has several options. I have knit many different ones but I like how easy it is to roll up.