Saturday, February 16, 2008

A change of heart

I have knitting to show you, maybe tomorrow.

I mentor a study circle that meets via conference call on Saturday mornings. I just love this! We focus on understanding the atonement of Christ and internalizing it and applying it in our lives. This is the second time I have mentored this group and I am so grateful to the amazing woman I have had in my circles. We study scriptures from The Book of Mormon and work to apply the principles found in it.

Today we talked about trusting in the Lord and putting Him first. One of our past prophets, President Benson said "When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives" (President Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, May 1988, p.4).

They key is to really put God first. I challenged our circle to try that this week. To start each day by going to Him and asking for for His guidance. To ask to know His will and for a willing heart.

I am excited to see how this week unfolds! :)

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