Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Start Small

John brought home 4 boxes yesterday that will work great for our garden. I was so excited I revamped my plans to include all 4 boxes. Our land lady said we could use the backyard so I have plenty of room. In the book Square Foot Gardening the author suggests starting small. I struggle with that concept. I want it all, now! After much thought I have decided to just do two 4x4 boxes this year. This way the children and I can get used to caring for a small garden and expand next year. This will be our first year with a "real" garden. Last year we grew a few pumpkins in the front flower bed after the daffodils and tulips were done blooming. The year before we grew a handful of peas, about 20 radishes and lots of cherry tomatoes in the little spot of ground just south of the front flower bed. I have high hopes for this year!

I will be ordering our seeds within the next few days. We are firming up our choices. Each of the children will get one square for their own. Jack is still undecided, he is leaning towards cherry tomatoes. Christy is going to grow calendula. She likes that she will have beautiful flowers in her square that will also be used for making a salve(something she and I both want to learn to do this year). Toby is going to grow watermelons. It was an easy choice for him. I am going to put strawberries in Hannah's square. She loves to eat them and I believe she will be so happy to have her own square like the other children.

As soon as I place our order I will post here with what made the final cut. :)

I am off to hang diapers up out on the line again. I am planning on Potato Cheese Soup and fresh sourdough bread for dinner tonight!

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