Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some knitting finished projects to show you!

pattern: LTK Picky Pants
size: Medium
yarn: Peace Fleece
colorway: Kamchatka Sea Moss
needles: US 8
modifications: I knit the legs several inches longer


pattern: Dandelion Dreamers Sleepy Soaker Sack
size: Preemie
yarn: Patons SWS
colorway: Natural Green
needles: US 4 & 8
mosifications: I knit the ribbing with size 4 needles instead of the recommended size 6.


Brightonwoman said...

Did you find the peace fleece to be really scratchy? I LOVE their colors, but my neighbor just got some and said it's been really rough on her fingers as she works with it...I'm hesitant to want to make longies with it if it's that rough...

Aurora said...

I LOVE Peace Fleece for longies! It is a little rough to work with but once you wash it up and lanolize it becomes sooooo nice! I have knit 5-6 pairs of longies with it and they are super soft and squishy. The yarn holds up very well and can take a beating from crawling babies and climbing toddlers. :)