Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Magic Ball of Yarn(MBOY)

I participated in a yarn swap this month. What you do is get some treasures and wrap them up in yarn and then send it to your person.

Let's just say that the lovely person that had my name has made us very happy knitters in this home! Thanks Theresa!
The ball on the left is mine and the one on the right is Rain's.

Christy was so surprised and happy to have a ball sent to her!

The yarn is Peaches and Cream cotton and inside were lots and adorable sheep stickers(which Christy shared with her brothers and sister)and the cutest little hair clips! She loves it all! Christy cast on for a dish cloth last night:

My ball in all its glory:

The yarn is 500 yards of Henry's Attic Carrera. It is a 50% wool/50% silk yarn and just heavenly! Theresa kettle dyed it a gorgeous cocoa for me! The yarn is so beautiful!

The brown shades vary slightly throughout:

Can you see it? You really cannot capture the soul of fiber on a camera.

I am waiting for it to whisper to me what it wants to become. Any suggestions? Something for me.

Also included: Cute whale buttons, lots of yummy tea and chocolate!, lavender wool wash, a cute dragonfly keychain, some pretty little stitch markers, a beautiful pink and brown ribbon!, a lovely candle.........I know I am forgetting some things.......OH! a cute little sticky pad that will be great for marking my patterns..........what else?

Thank you so much! *grin*


Theresa said...

so glad you loved it! Can't wait to see hwat you make with the yarn!!! (and I have to admit that I specifically asked for you becuase I wanted to send that cotton to your DD, LOL!)

Aurora said...

You are so sweet! The look of pure joy on her face was beautiful! Did you make the hair clips? She is wearing them right now! :)